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Erittäin Laadukas alumiininen halkaisijaltaan Ø41cm oleva pizzatarjotin, jossa pienet jalat, jotta kosteus pääsee karkaamaan pizzan ja alustan välistä! Tämän tarjottimen päällä voit myös leikata pizzaa!

Halkaisija: 41cm

Paino: 650g


Round tray for the service of pizza / focaccia and more, directly at the customers' table.
The special feet and the perforated surface allow steam and humidity to be drained, keeping the fragrance of the product unaltered. Made of aluminum, it is functional, handy, practical and easy to clean.
The design of the edges is made to suggest the cutting lines, allowing you to cut the pizza into perfectly equal parts quickly and easily.
It is advisable to take the product out of the oven directly on the tray / cutting board and proceed with cutting with a wheel or scissors. The essential and clean design adapts to any style, both classic and modern.
The tray is embellished with the lasered logo on one of the edges.

100% Made in Italy

Material: Press-formed aluminum sheet

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